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Building the Ultimate Expedition Kayak

by Wes Kisting

Prelude to Kayak-Building

Okay, I admit it. I have a problem. My passion for sea kayaking has finally collided with my natural tendency toward perfectionism. Now I may never sleep well again until I have built the ultimate expedition kayak. You probably think I'm kidding. You probably think of this article as a "special-interest piece." But it's actually a cry for help.

It started harmlessly enough. At first, I found myself day-dreaming about paddling a kayak built by my own two hands. But gradually, the dream became an obsession. Soon, every time I hit the water, I found myself making mental notes about things I would like to change about my trusty Perception Eclipse. In time, I had pages and pages of notes, diagrams, and rough sketches for what I considered to be the ultimate expedition kayak. And now, at long last, I am resolved to build it.

Since this article is likely to grow quite large, I have divided it into chapters below. Click Next Page to begin reading the article sequentially, or click the links below to jump to specific sections.

Kayak Building Table of Contents

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